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Residential Services

Residential Services


There are a variety of residential service options available to persons who are not able to live in a home with family members. The residential service option selected must be one that meets the person’s needs and that is able to ensure the person’s health and safety. Residential service options include intensive behavior residential supports, residential habilitation, family model residential support, medical residential services, and supported living. In addition, the Self Determination Waiver has a residential option – Semi-Independent Living – for people who live on their own in a home under their own control and only need a limited amount of support to continue to live safely in their community.


Types of Residential Services:


  • Personal Assistant Services - Services provided in the individual's home to assist them in areas they need assistance in (bathing, cleaning, cooking, paying bills, grocery shopping, etc.)

  • Supported Living Services - Providing staff 24/7 in their home(s) to support individuals at whatever level they are functioning.  Our purpose is not to take over and do everything for them, but to assist in areas where they are weak.  This could include any duties that must be done in your own home, cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing, paying bills, grocery shopping, etc.

  • Medical Residential (Nursing Services) - When medical needs are necessary, we have the options of medical residences and LPN services available. We can provide standard nursing skills to our service recipients to ensure the best possible health. We have an on-staff Registered Nurse that oversees the care and development of those who have medical needs.

  • Family-Based Residential - This service is where the agency contracts with a family and the individual we serve lives in the home with the family as a family member.

  • Respite Services - This is for individuals in an emergency situation or for a family who provides the care and they need a break.

For more information, contact Mary Staggs at (931) 762-3203.


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