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We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or disability.




Greetings Applicant:

Buffalo River Services, Inc. has several pre-employment requirements.  We have listed some of these below.  These requirements are not negotiable and if you feel you cannot meet these, you should not complete an application for employment with us.  This will save both you and us much valuable time.


Although this can be a most rewarding and fulfilling mission for some people, working with people with disabilities is not for everyone.  It takes a person who is very responsible and dedicated.  It can also be very stressful at times.  If employed, during the training process, we will introduce you to as many of the individuals we serve, as possible.  We will also schedule a job shadowing period of 3-4 hours in the team setting(s).  After this job shadowing period, if you feel this type of work is not for you, we would prefer that you let us know immediately or as soon as you make that decision.  This will also save both you and us much valuable time, also. 


There is a law which states persons working with people with developmental disabilities must provide us with either a set of fingerprint so that TBI and FBI can do a criminal background check on you or information in order to do a background check with a Tennessee licensed private investigation company. 


You should list on your application any and all prior convictions by any local, state, federal or military court;


  • of any felony

  • or any other conviction involving sexual crimes, including but not limited to rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, exhibitionism, voyeurism, or an attempt to commit any of such sexual crimes; homicide or assault; unlawful breaking or entering; robbery; burglary; theft; or arson. 

  • further, if you are required to register or have registered with the registry of sexual offenders in accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 38-6-110, you must also disclose this information.

  • a misdemeanor involving physical harm to a person including but not limited to neglect or abuse or a misdemeanor involving financial harm/exploitation to a person including but not limited to theft, misappropriation of funds, fraud or breach of fiduciary duty

  • Or, a misdemeanor involving illicit drugs, drug/alcohol misuse or sexual misbehavior (e.g. indecent exposure, voyeurism). 


Misdemeanor convictions covered above shall not have occurred during a period of fewer than ten years prior to employment with this Provider.


MVR (Motor Vehicle Record):  You will not be eligible for employment with this agency if your MVR has any of the following during the most recent three-year period:

  • DWI/DUI/Drug Offense

  • Reckless Driving

  • Suspended License

  • Speeding 25 MPH, or more, above the speed limit

  • Drug Offense

  • Hit Run/Leaving the scene of an accident

  • Two or more at-fault accidents

  • Three or more  moving violations in the past three years

  • Less than three years of driving experience


Initial Employment Requirements:


If you are selected for employment, you MUST present us with the following on the very first day of employment: (orientation day)

  • a copy of your social security card   (the name on your social security card is the name you must use at our agency) Or other acceptable forms of identification to satisfy Immigration laws.                                                                  

  • A valid driver license and you must have had a valid driver license for at least 3 years

  • 3 letter of references from people who have known you for at least 5 years (not from family members, these are character references)

  • a copy of your high school diploma or GED equivalent (if you have one)

  • Direct Deposit Form (with a voided check or copy of savings book) (you can request one from your bank if you use a bank card)

  • Any applicable licenses (RN, LPN, CNA, etc.) Then you must present us with the following within the first 30 days of your employment: 

  • Your driver license must be upgraded to at least an “F” (for hire) endorsement (this is at your expense)

  • Completely read Policies and Procedures and turn in a signed statement to Human Resources

  • Nursing staff must also provide a TB Skin Test


When applications are received all references are checked and the TN DOH Elderly and/or vulnerable Abuse Registry, TN Sexual Offender List, TN Felony Offender Information and several other registries are all checked.


If you are selected for an interview, you will be called and scheduled.  Once you have interviewed, if you are selected for employment, you will receive a phone call letting you know when to report for Orientation and Training

*****This application for employment will not be considered if it is not completed entirely*****


Substance Abuse Guidelines:


The illegal use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol are problems that invade the workplace, endangering the health and safety of the abusers and those who work around them.  This Company is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace free of substance abuse without jeopardizing valued employee’s job security.


To address this problem, our Company has developed a policy regarding the illegal use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol that we believe best serves the interests of all employees.  Our policy formally and clearly states that the illegal use of drugs or the abuse of alcohol or prescription drugs will not be tolerated.  As a means of maintaining our policy, we have implemented pre-employment and active employee substance abuse testing.  This policy was designed with two basic objectives in mind:  (1) employees deserve a work environment that is free from the negative effects of drugs and alcohol and the problems associated with their abuse, and (2) this Company has a responsibility to maintain a healthy and safe workplace.


To assist us in providing a safe and healthy workplace, we maintain a resource file of information on various means of employee assistance in our community, including but not limited to drug and alcohol abuse programs.  Employees are encouraged to use this resource file, which is located on the Bulletin Board in our main office.  In addition, we will distribute this information to employees for their confidential use, upon request.


An employee whose conduct violates this Company’s Substance Abuse Policy will be disciplined up to and including termination.

I believe it is important that we all work together to make this Company a drug-free workplace as part of our continual efforts to provide a safer and more rewarding place to work.


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