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  • What is our company about? Buffalo River Services, Inc. is a private non-profit corporation licensed and contracted by the State of Tennessee to provide services to adults with disabilities. BRS Inc. had its beginning in 1972 as Wayne County Skills, Inc. with the purpose of providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities in Wayne County only. Since that time BRS, Inc. has developed into a multi-county, decentralized agency. We have received recognition for excellence as we have gained success in transitioning from a "facilities-based" and "organization centered" operation to a "community based" and "person-centered" provider. We are recognized today as a viable and important asset to our communities and the individuals we serve. Please visit our history page for more about us.

  • How do I apply for a job? Visit our online application page, fill out the information needed, and click submit. You'll receive a confirmation message, so you know your application was received.

  • Does BRS only offer full-time positions? No, we offer a variety of positions including full-time, part-time, and overtime if you want extra hours. 

  • What benefits do we offer? 
    ★  $500 Sign-On Bonus (paid in 2 installments). We also pay referral bonuses if you refer OTHER employees to us!
    ★ Some of our DSPs are earning upwards of $1,700 or MORE (with overtime) in BRING HOME PAY, every 2 weeks
    ★ We have a Full-Time benefits package that is valued at approximately $4,600 per year.
    ★ We offer Full-Time health benefits, paid time off, and holiday pay!
    ★ We pay shift differential for certain shifts.
    ★ We offer bonus initiatives, such as our LONGEVITY BONUS that can accrue to several thousands of dollars, with tenure (dependent on the fiscal health of the agency).
    ★ Promotional opportunities. Many of our managers began at the entry-level.
    ★ We celebrate our tenured team members! Many of our staff have worked here between 10 up to 40 years!
    ★ Make memories to last a lifetime! 

  • What do I do if I'm concerned my application didn't go through for some reason? If you have not heard from us, or are concerned your application didn't come through (or just have a question), you can follow up by calling (931) 722-5401.

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