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Local Civitan Club Honored Bobby Brown

For those who knew Bobby Brown, you know just how active he was in his local community. Among many things, Bobby was a member of the local Wayne County Civitan Club. The club was established to help raise awareness and provide support to its local community - particularly to those who have disabilities. Bobby had been a member for many years and had quite a reputation for helping to raise funds. Of the many fundraisers the club hosts annually, its most popular is an annual onion sale. Bobby, of course, would always set the record for the most bags sold every single year. He was so well known in his community and so loved, that he rarely had any problems getting the word out.

Sadly, as many know, Bobby passed away last year as one of the many victims of Covid-19 in our community. His presence has been greatly missed in all of the clubs and organizations he played a part in, not the least of which, Civitan. As the Club wanted to honor his memory, this week it was made official that the annual onion sale will henceforth be known as the Bobby Brown Memorial Onion Fundraiser. The sale has been completed for the 2021 year and was very successful - much to the thanks of Bobby's legacy! They are very honored to help keep his memory alive for years to come! All proceeds made in this fundraiser are donated to various community causes within the Wayne County Civitan Club every year! The club would like to thank the Wayne County community for its continued support!


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